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Digni Products News
Digni Products News
Digni Products news!
BMI Healthcare Protecting your Dignity
BMI Healthcare leading the way for Patient Dignity


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Digni Products News

Digni Products now on sale in Canada through leading distributors......Mothers choice products!

Digni Products News

Congratulations toThe Southend University Hospital NHS Trust for winning the Hospitals Heroes Awards by introducing the Digni Bra to improve the Dignity of their patients.
1st. prize was awarded in the category of Quality Care Award!

Digni Products news!

Digni Products are delighted to have received excellent feedback from yet another NHS Hospital, The Royal Bournemouth Hospital.  Following a successful trial of our Digni Bras we look forward to supplying a further NHS Hospital with our Digni Products.

Digni Products: "Protecting your patients' Dignity is our concern!"

BMI Healthcare Protecting your Dignity

Another week and yet another BMI Hospital is promoting patient Dignity by purchasing our surgical underwear. 
Congratulations to BMI The Hampshire Clinic!   
 BMI Healthcare, Protecting Patients whilst they are at their most vulnerable, undergoing surgery.

BMI Healthcare leading the way for Patient Dignity

Digni Products would like to congratulate The BMI Private Healthcare group as yet another BMI Hospital, The Blackheath Hospital have purchased our Digni bras in support of this Dignity initiative.
BMI Healthcare are the largest private healthcare group and are now leading the way to further protect their patients modesty whilst they are at their most vulnerable, undergoing surgery.
BMI The Blackheath Hospital is part of BMI London with 15 hospitals spanning the capital.

Further hospitals taking up Dignity initiative

Congratulations to the most recent hospital, 
                               The BMI HarbourHospital
for purchasing our Digni underwear to further preserve their patients modesty whilst they undergo surgery.
The preservation of your patients modesty is our concern!!

Further Consultant Testimonial on our Digni Underwear

Further Consultant Testimonials on our Digni Underwear Sets
"The Digni Bra and pants are an excellent innovation.  The deep blue colour makes the pants opaque and negates the ability to see through to the body parts which is a problem with the commonly used white variety.  This affords greater dignity for both male and female patients.
The bra is an excellent introduction and gives females greater dignity especially for upper limb surgery.  The design gives very good flexibility ensuring both large and small breasted ladies can use it.

Consultant Testimonials

Example of Consultant Testimonials for our Digni Bra sets
"Simple and excellent idea. Great service to the patients" .
Dr. Balachandran (Consultant Anaethetist).
"Novel, new idea, great product for patients.  Far more dignified than old paper underwear". 

Dignity Action Day

Celebrate Dignity Action Day, 1st. Feb. in your area.......dignityincare.org.uk/Dignity_Action

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