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As Registered Nurses we believe in putting our patients first. Our aim is ensure the patient journey will be as successful and as dignified as possible.
As the NMC Code of Conduct (2008) States; We have a duty of care at all times, should respect individuals and protect their dignity. High standards of practice and care need to be a priority and by providing the 'Digni Bra' we will lead the way in patient dignity.  This is in line with the Department of Healths Dignity Scheme.  

For those patients who are undergoing surgical procedures we are confident that we can provide them with the means to retain their modesty whilst at their most vulnerable.
Working within the theatre environment, we observed that this was not always the case. Due to monitoring purposes and in the positioning of female patients in preparation for surgery  their breasts may become exposed.  For the majority of these patients exposure is not always necessary.
 With this in mind we set about conductiong an audit of 40 women, which was then extended to 100 women in order to ascertain the patients opinions. Of the 100 women we asked, 95% were unaware that they may become  exposed and 99% of women stated that they would like to be provided with a means to protect themselves.
We feel that we have addressed the modesty issue through designing and producing the Digni Bra and Pants Set. The Pants are Unisex which allows for our male patients modesty to be protected also.. .

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.

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